Mechanical Engineering is the compilation of a broad range of knowledge and technology. Mechanical Engineering tries to make use of force, energy, and motion to build machines or gadgets to make our lives easier. It impacts our daily lives. When you turn the switch of your light, ride a train or bus, when you cross a bridge, and many more day to day activities - are all under the discipline of Mechanical Engineering.

A side from the big things mentioned above, Mechanical Engineering also focuses on the small things. Nanotechnology interplays with molecular engineering which primarily aims to produce molecular assemblers. This field of engineering has big dreams that will have big impact on warfare, exploration, and health but is still on the exploratory stage. Our mission is to prepare our students to apply basic and advanced engineering knowledge and skills to the design analysis and research of engineering systems; to prepare them to compete successfully in today's job market and for lifelong learning.


  • EMM.
  • MP.
  • SOM.
  • FM.
  • AT.
  • TOM.
  • MMM
  • HT
  • AT
  • RAC
  • CAD
  • Fluid Machinery
Mr. Parminderjit singh Toor | Associate ProfessorHead of Department
M.E., B.E.
Experience: 16 Years
Research Area- Industrial Engg.