Department of Information Technology Engineering offers four year degree programme based on semester system. The aim is to provide education in IT as per Global Standards. Globalisation of India Economy has ushered a new era. Opportunities for IT Engineers are innumerable. Be it any demand of IT/related Industry, Indian IT engineers are in great demand globally. Software being one of the largest growing sectors of the Indian Economy, the Department of IT Engineering at FCET is striving hard to give our nation engineers with a high caliber of technical expertise. It continues to foster and engender the innovation and breadth of vision necessary to excel in the blooming IT industry. The experienced faculty exposes, the would be engineers to a rigorous and exhaustive curriculum designed to bring out the best in them and to keep them in touch with the latest state of the art technology.

Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, a lot of stress is laid on hands on training and overall development of the individuals personality. The teaching programme has been devised keeping in view a close interaction with the industry.

The department strongly believes that neither the Industry, nor the academics alone have the resources to adequately deal with the quest for innovating excellence in this field for global competitiveness. Hence we plan to introduce Institute Industry interface programme that enables the students to interact constantly with the Top brass. Equal importance is given to the classroom learning, which is meant primarily for the theoretical or conceptual inputs of knowledge on a variety of projects.


  • OS LAB.
Mr. Gunnet Pal Singh | Associate ProfessorHead of Department
Experience: 5+ Years